An Overview

Since 2008 - Offering enduring services in diverse fields ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • The client base of more than 80 organizations in India
  • Working as Environmental Management partners for various organizations from concept to commissioning (END to END Solution provider)
  • Involved in pollution-related improvement opportunities like water, wastewater, Waste to Energy, Lake Rejenuvation to meet the next generation demands.



We Safeguard The Environment

Working As Environmental Management Partners For Various Organizations From Concept To Commissioning
(END to END Solution Provider)

Our Services

We have built an enviable reputation in lake rejenuvation, water and waste water treatment plant, zero liquid discharge system, sewage and effluent treatment plant.

What We Do

Our main objective is to provide pure drinking water to the community.

  • Community Mineral Water Plants
  • Packaged Drinking Water Plants
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Demineralization Water Treatment Plants

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