Pyrolysis Plant


Environmental friendly pyrolysis plants for solid waste recycling

Pyrolysis Plant

We are involved in the treatment of solid waste using Pyrolysis Plant. This system is ideal to treat the solid waste generated from any source. Pyrolysis is quickly developing biomass thermal conversion modern technology as well as has been garnering much interest worldwide as a result of its high performance and great green efficiency features. Pyrolysis modern technology offers a chance for the conversion of local solid wastes, agricultural residues, scrap tires, non-recyclable plastics, etc right into tidy power. It uses an eye-catching means of converting metropolitan wastes into items which can be successfully utilized for the production of warmth, electricity, and chemicals.

Pyrolysis Plant for Solid Waste

With communities getting more active towards the disposal of waste materials, especially solid waste, it is becoming very essential to treat and dispose of the solid waste from factories, streets, landfills, etc. To do this an efficient a system needs to be found that is economical leaves very little carbon and does not emit heat beyond the specified perimeters .the traditional inclinators are definitely not in the reckoning as they do not meet the above standards. Pyrolysis is the answer to the above.

Pyrolysis is the thermal degradation of substance in the absence of oxygen. It requires no external heat source, to maintain the temperature. It requires relatively low temperatures between 300 to 850 degrees are used in running the plant and the temperature is generated from the gasses and energy realized from the plant when running. The by-products are solid in the form of carbon residue & synthetic gas called (SynGas). The solid residue (as a char) combination of non-combustible material and carbon some of these can be condensed to produce oils, waxes & tars.

This is a modular process, which can be designed to any size. However, it is vital to note that transport fuel costs are increasing and therefore the cost of transport of wastes to the Municipal Solid Waste processing plant is already a serious issue. This will become more serious within the next few years. Therefore processing plant should be sized accordingly to process wastes within appropriate mileage of limited radius to minimize transport costs.

As a by-product of electricity generation, our gasification plant produces a lot of spare heat and this heat can be used for process industries and refrigeration – providing an opportunity for local business. This also supports the argument for appropriately sized regional facilities.

The pre-treatment plant effectively conditions and separates waste into four main fractions. The system is reliable with low electricity requirements. The system is designed to handle any solid except glass and metals.

This system is ideal to treat the solid waste generated from any source and serious thought must be given to the advantages of the Pyrolysis system of solid waste management.

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