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Pure Skies System

Pure Skies system is a simple but effective technology that improves air quality over large areas by reducing specific pollutants in the air: particulate matter less than 10 microns (both PM10 and PM2.5), nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2), carbon monoxide (CO), and (to a lesser degree) carbon dioxide (CO2). Air quality index improves by a minimum of 33%.

Pure Skies are unlike conventional air purifiers. Instead, they use a novel omnidirectional antenna to generate weak radio waves in a specific pulse sequence. This has the effect of accelerating the velocity of very small particle pollutants (< 20 microns) and aerosols, increasing their clearance through a natural process called dry deposition.

Imagine a billiard table (the atmosphere) filled with billiard balls (pollutants). When the cue ball (radio waves) hits the billiard balls, they scatter. In the hands of a skilled billiard player, the balls move quickly into the side or corner pockets and are cleared away (dry deposition).

Pure Skies 9000 is designed for outdoor use in cities and heavy industries and is our flagship model.

Pure Skies 6000, Pure Skies 3000 Plus, and Pure Skies 3000 are for indoor use.

Each Pure Skies system consists of two components:

  1. The Air Pollution Control Equipment contains our novel antenna, electronics, power system, IOT for remote monitoring and control, a small UPS, and security/alarm system.

  2. An Air Quality Monitor (AQM) to measure local ambient air pollution levels, monitor system efficacy, and provide real-time feedback to optimize system function.


Pure Skies uses a specialized omnidirectional antenna which works in the UHF range (similar to but at a lower frequency than radio and TV towers), allowing them to exert their effect over a distance. Unlike traditional radio waves which broadcast continuously, however, the Pure Skies antenna pulses its energy at specific intervals.

Credible evidence demonstrates that Pure Skies accelerates the clearance of certain pollutants in the air, primarily through dry deposition or (in some cases) precipitation out as salts. Data suggests that this is likely due to an increase in the velocity of particulate pollutants are aerosols that are affected by the radio waves, although more research work remains to be done in this area.

Key Features

Smart Technology

Pure Skies gets smarter with age! We optimize system performance based on your air quality data, local meteorology, work hours, holidays, and other parameters.

Hassle Free

Pure Skies is inexpensive to own and operate. Units are compact, power consumption is low, and installation is simple. It'slike a sophisticated Wi-Fi. Turn it on and forget.

Safe to Use

Extensive testing has found no adverse effects on humans, landscaping, agricultural output, water quality, butterflies, rock bees, fruit bats, and migratory birds.


Pure Skies is plug-and-play green tech at its best.

Extensive testing in the lab and real-world conditions have helped us develop a state-of-the-art product that works remarkably well across a wide range of conditions.

Air Quality Monitor Included

All Pure Skies systems come with a high-quality air quality monitor to optimize system performance. View your unit's data from any internet connected device. 

All our monitors are pre-calibrated and undergo regular maintenance to ensure accuracy. 

Money Back Guarantee

We're convinced that you will love what Pure Skies does for your home, office, factory, or a city so much that you'll tell all your friends and buy a Pure Skies 3000 for your home. 

If you're not satisfied for some reason, tell us within the first 15 days, and we'll refund your money. Purchase with peace of mind.

Pure Skies System Products

Pure Skies for Buildings

Pure Skies for Home 3000

Pure Skies for Factories 6000

Pure Skies for Heavy Industries 9000

Pure Skies for Cities 9000

Pure Skies for Events 9000

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